Dr. Frank Chen is Available for Teledentistry to Provide Dental Care
Anywhere Without Visiting the Office


Parkside Dental Care is now offering Teledentistry to provide a way for you to connect with Dr. Frank Chen from the comfort of your own home. Using a two-way video, you can speak with Dr. Chen about your symptoms to see what kind of dental treatment you will need without having to step foot in the office.

Dr. Chen will provide you with a video link for your teledentistry appointment. During this time, he will look at your condition to determine if you need to be seen in person or not. Solano Dental Group offers teledentistry for all your dental needs and we are available after hours and weekends. If you are experiencing pain, swelling, or you have a dental emergency, schedule a teledentistry appointment with Dr. Chen today.

Here is how it works:

· Contact our office to schedule your teledentistry appointment with Dr. Frank Chen.

· You will receive a video link for your scheduled appointment.

· During your teledentistry appointment, Dr. Chen will assess your symptoms to determine if you need to be seen by him in person.

· If your symptoms require no in person appointment but needs medication, Dr. Chen can write a prescription for you.

Teledentistry is one of the many services that our caring staff at Parkside Dental Care offers to keep our valued patients, comfortable, healthy, and safe. We offer teledentistry for all your dental needs. Contact Parkside Dental Care in Fairfield, CA for more information.