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Our Mission Statement

Parkside Dental Care: Learn More About Our Core Values


We are committed to excellence. We strive to have super-satisfied patients by providing the highest quality dental care in a comfortable, gentle and health-conscious manner.

We Value

The Individual

We appreciate that each individual is unique.

Our Image

We have pride in ourselves, our services, and our community. This assures that we remain the leader in dentistry, year after year.

Quality Service

We have a modern facility and use state-of-the-art materials and techniques. We listen and respond to patient needs through courteous, professional, and competent care.


We project an image that reflects the excellence we strive for. We treat patients, staff, and doctors with respect.


We use systems and procedures that enable the effective completion of important tasks in a timely manner.


We strive to work together in a mutually supportive manner.

We recognize that the excellence for which we strive can only be achieved through a high level of cooperation and commitment from our super-satisfied patients.

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