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Fairfield Periodontics - Treating Severe Gum Disease & More

The dental specialty of periodontics is centered on improving supporting structures of teeth as well as treating the diseases and conditions that affect those structures.  For patients who have experienced extreme gum disease, have loose teeth, or in need of an implant, Parkside Dental Care of Fairfield has a Periodontics Specialist on staff that will help you get your smile back on track.  Our on-site Periodontist is Dr. Brand Ahn, DMD.  Dr. Ahn offers a wide range of treatments including: Periodontics in Fairfield CA

- Dental implant placement
- Root planing and scaling
- Root surface debridement
- Crown lengthening
- Impacted tooth exposure
- Severe gum disease (periodontal disease) treatment

Most General Dentists Refer to a Periodontist to Surgically Place Dental Implants

Unlike dental bridges or dentures, dental implants provide patients with a permanent tooth restoration that does not affect healthy teeth and they decrease the chance of further jawbone loss. As a long-term solution to missing teeth, dental implants leave the patient with a natural looking tooth that is not susceptible to cavities or decay. Dental implants can return functionality to missing teeth and look completely natural. 

Fairfield CA PeriodonticsFor patients experiencing multiple tooth loss, Dr. Ahn also performs implant placement for implant supported dentures. This unique hybrid treatment provides patients with a removable denture that is stabilized when attached to the surgically placed post (implant). Implant-supported dentures are easy to care for as they can be removed for cleaning and are fixed in the mouth, preventing them from falling out during conversation or meals. As they do not cover the palate, implant-supported dentures allow wearers to taste and enjoy food with ease.

Dental Implant Consultations with our Periodontist

Like all tooth restorations, our Fairfield Periodontist meets with each patient to help them understand the difference between restoration options and helps them determine the right treatment. If implants are chosen, we use state-of-the-art equipment to take 3-D images of your mouth. This allows us to determine the most strategic placement of the implant posts that will best support your new smile and the underlying jawbone.

Are you ready to smile with confidence?

If you are experiencing gum disease, periodontal problems or tooth loss, Parkside Dental Care of Fairfield is here to help. Serving the periodontic needs of Solana County, we are a short drive away from Vallejo, Rio Vista, Vacaville, Benicia, and Napa. Call our office today to schedule your appointment. We’re making smiles, one patient at a time.