Cone Beam Imaging - High Tech Fairfield Dental Office

In the hands of an expert dentist like those at Parkside Dental, technology is a useful tool for restoring a beautiful, healthy smile. Before introducing a new technology or process into our dental practice, we make sure it passes the ultimate test of improving patient care. Therefore, we are excited to introduce cone beam imaging, which provides several patient benefits compared to traditional x-rays.

What is Cone Beam Imaging?

Dental x-rays have been a core tool in dental treatment for decades for diagnostic and preventative purposes. A revolutionary new imaging technology, called cone beam dental imaging uses the same technology used in other medical applications to improve dentist's ability to diagnose cavities, gum disease, and infections and to perform procedures to restore a patient’s beautiful smile.
The term “cone beam” refers to the digital x-rays projected in a carefully controlled cone shaped beam around the patient. The scanner circles the patient, gathering the data to create a detailed picture of the face, head, and mouth, as well as the nerves and tooth roots.
Uses of the three-dimensional images captured by the cone beam x-rays, include:

● Implant dentistry
● Treatment of TMJ
● Treatments involving the jaw, sinuses, nasal cavity, and nerve canals
● Identifying origins of oral pain

How Does Cone Beam Imaging Improve Patient Care?

Cone beam imaging improves the overall patient experience in several ways compared to traditional x-rays.
● Comfort: The days are gone where patients had to sit through the placement, positioning and repositioning of hard plastic appliances in their mouth while holding still in uncomfortable positions. Because this new imaging involves a scanning device which rotates around them, they now just sit still for a 10-second imaging scan.
● Speed: With cone beam imaging, we need only make a single scan, compared to the need to take several x-rays at different angles.
● Treatment Quality: The cone beam scan results in crystal clear three-dimensional panoramic images that improve the diagnostic, planning, and execution stages of a variety of treatments.

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